Amazon Fire Phone – Dynamic Perspective

This week, Amazon stole the spotlight with the announcement of their new Amazon Fire Phone. Though the release was not unexpected, the Fire Phone, Amazon’s very first flagship phone, showed up with a few features that kept the announcement exciting. While most of the features that Fire Phone brought to the table are exactly what you would expect from an Amazon smartphone, there was one that stood out among the rest – Dynamic Perspective.

In a video released last week, Amazon teased the Fire Phone’s announcement and Dynamic Perspective by featuring first time users’ reactions to an implied piece of hardware in their lap. The users in the video seemed quite impressed by what they were seeing, and after Jeff Bezos’s live demonstration of Dynamic Perspective we now know why. While Dynamic Perspective doesn’t bring 3D in the sense of images seemingly popping off the screen, it offers user the ability to almost interact with the images they are seeing as if they were there in real life.

Take for example the lock screen wallpapers that will come with Amazon’s flagship device – Egyptian ruins, flying hot air balloons and a lush forest – all of which react to the device being tilted. You might be thinking “How’s this any different than other live wallpapers that are animated using the device’s accelerometer?” The difference is that instead of using the accelerometer, Fire Phone features four, that’s right, four front facing cameras that continuously monitor the user’s viewing angle, adjusting the perspective of the screen accordingly. So, instead of an image jumping off the screen, users can virtually look around columns in the ruins, trees in the forest, and balloons in the sky. Kind of hard to imagine, right? Wait until you see it.

Amazon also worked Dynamic Perspective into their maps application, allowing users to peek around protruding buildings – demonstrated by Bezos with the Empire State Building. Slight adjustments to the viewing angle will allow street names to be revealed, and even expose Yelp reviews for certain map locations.

Of course it wouldn’t be an Amazon phone if Dynamic Perspective wasn’t integrated into the user shopping experience. Bezos demonstrated how users can use the tilt-to-scroll feature to create a more user-friendly experience when viewing multiple objects on Amazon – in this particular case, a dress.

If not the Fire Phone’s build quality, tech specs, or more Amazon-centric features such as Firely, Dynamic Perspective definitely gives users something to look forward to.

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– A.J.

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