Android Wear - Moto 360

Google I/O: What’d you miss?

If you weren’t able to catch the live stream or follow the hype online Wednesday, here’s a quick recap of the major things you may have missed at Google I/O.

Android “L” Developer Preview

Google announced the newest iteration of the Android operating system yesterday – hopefully temporarily labeled Android L. Developers at the conference were given a preview of L’s ‘Material Design,’ which allows for elevated elements of an app’s UI, and consistent, fluid animations throughout the app and the device’s OS. The illusion of elevation is created with shadows and perspective. Check out the video for a quick demo.

Android Wear

Android Wear - Moto 360

The conference highlight for me personally, Google showcased it’s smart watch operating system, Android Wear. The new operating system offers a clean interface that matches the look and feel of Android L, providing a consistent experience across devices. Google Now and Android Wear are a match made in heaven. The Android Wear operating system is a perfect extension for users who are used to Google Now on their current device. In addition to the expected notifications such as weather updates, emails, travel times, and other info such as flight schedules, Google integrated voice control, “OK, Google”  into the watch. Perhaps more exciting than Android Wear itself, is the announcement of the first 3 hardware offerings, the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and the circular-faced Moto 360. All of which attendees of the event will receive for free by the way.

Android Auto

Android Auto

Just like we all expected, Google announced their in-car operating system. The operating system, again, mirrors that of Android L and offers a familiar experience for users when they are on the road. Android Auto allows drivers to control the system easily with voice controls, and even offers the added functionality of steering wheel controls. The biggest benefit to using Android Auto as opposed to other in-dash operating systems is that users can expect updates to the system just as often as their phone receives them. Updates don’t come so often, or easy, with some of the others.

Android TV

Android TV

Chromecast has been quite a success for Google, and it was announced during I/O that with Android L, users will be able to cast anything from their device’s screen to their TV, instead of just the Chrome browser. Exciting news, but Google had something a little bigger to talk about for users looking for an extension of their Android experience in their living room – Android TV. With Google’s TV operating system, users will find apps similar to that offered from Apple TV and other set top box and game console systems. The new Android operating system hopes win over consumers with an easier to use platform that adapts to the voice requests of it’s users.

While there is tons more to talk about from Google I/O, these were the major highlights. To dive deeper into the event, scroll down a little further to find the full keynote. Want to stay up on the latest tech and advertising news? Subscribe to this blog and get #HOOKD. Thanks for reading!

– A.J.




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