Meet JIBO – Your Family’s Household Robot

Have you met JIBO? If you haven’t heard about him yet, JIBO is a household family robot designed to interact with you in a more human way. Launching in Q3 of 2015, JIBO is your home’s personal assistant. The friendly little robot has the ability to recognize each member of your family, and tailor its services to whomever it is speaking. JIBO’s abilities, or “skills,” include delivering messages from your contacts, taking photos and videos, adapting to your lifestyle and conveying emotion.

Although it (I almost feel bad calling JIBO ‘it’) is a stationary robot that can be placed in a central location of your home, JIBO does anything but stand still. Inside of the little guys is a three-axis motor capable of allowing JIBO to swivel around to face members of the family, awaiting his next command.

At this point, your probably drooling over the idea of bringing one of these little guys home, but unfortunately he is only available for pre-order at the moment. You can visit JIBO’s site here to learn more and contribute to his development.

How could JIBO make your life a little easier?

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– A.J.


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