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Smart Marketing at it’s Finest – 5-Hour Yummification Commercial

Have you ever tasted a 5-Hour Energy shot? Don’t get me wrong, these things work wonders for keeping you awake on a long drive, or giving you the extra boost to make it through a long work day, but WOW are they hard to get down sometimes! The taste is bad, but we need the energy!

It’s similar to the ‘smart car’ conundrum – until recently with the Tesla Model S, there was no smart car that actually looked half way decent (at least in my opinion.) Why can’t we have a car that’s great for the environment AND looks nice? This goes for 5-Hour Energy as well – why can’t we have a shot of energy AND it be tasty? I’m sure there are reasonings behind everything, but nonetheless, 5-Hour knows this is a problem, and here is how they plan to overcome it with smart marketing:

(Click here to watch the video)

So… why is this spot, in my opinion, creative genius? Because 5-Hour Energy has identified a problem with their product, and found a solution that can be achieved through marketing and advertising without changing their product. The research and development that would be necessary to improve the taste of their product would undoubtedly cost more money than what they are using to, in essence, educate buyers of other possible, and tastier ways to drink 5-Hour Energy besides just throwing it back.

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– A.J.

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