Xbox One Updates – New Notifications, Better Activity Feed and More.

XboxAppActivityFeed_HOOKD.inYesterday, Microsoft released an update for the Xbox One as well as the Xbox One SmartGlass app. The update offers a few minor new features, but features that will, with no question, be well received by Xbox users. These new features include the increased functionality of Activity Feed, the ability to purchase and download full games and DLC from the Xbox SmartGlass app, and a few additional notification settings.

If it wasn’t enough for you to see what games your friends are playing, or how often they watch Netflix, you can now use the activity feed on your Xbox or Xbox One SmartGlass app to interact with this feed like other social sites. You will be able to like and comment on your friends’ posts.

Packaged in the update to the SmartGlass app, users can now browse and purchase games and content while on-the-go… or I guess while they’re sitting on the couch.. either way.

Also in the update package from yesterday, Xbox received a handy on-screen notification that indicates a low battery, as well as the ability to disable notifications of the like while watching videos. Last, but not least, Xbox One now supports 3-D video playback, and users can view when their friends were last online.

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