Rumor Roundup: The Next iPhone/s

With the way things are these days – countless social networking sites, dedicated forums and the classic word-of-mouth, it’s nearly impossible to keep anything secret. Especially a new product announcement, and ESPECIALLY if it has anything to do with Apple! As I’m sure you are all aware, Apple has reportedly scheduled an event September 9th of this year in which they are “rumored” to be releasing a, and possibly two, new iPhones. I put rumor in parenthesis because while most of the info we have is still unconfirmed, most of it is highly likely. So, whether or not you keep up with, or buy in to the hearsay that surrounds Apple’s upcoming event, below is a list of some of the top rumors.

1. Indestructible Sapphire Crystal Screen

One of the most widely talked about rumors surround the upcoming Apple iPhone is it’s glass. Made of the same material as the 5s’ home button, this sapphire glass is extremely flexible and scratch resistant, as shown in a video below by MKBHD.

Video not displaying? Click here.

2. Not One, but Two New iPhones

The display shown in the video above (leaked by Sonny Dickson) was a 4.7 in display – this compared to the current 4.0 in display of the iPhone 5s/c. In addition to this slightly larger phone, there is also rumored to be an additional 5.5 in phone on the way. That’s a huge step up for Apple, but maybe a clever move in order to reach those consumers who like a little more screen real estate when performing their day-to-day tasks.

iPhone 6 Renderings_HOOKD.in

iPhone 6 4.7 and 5.5 in Renderings via MacRumors.

3. Reversible USB Cable

Yes, you read that correct – a reversible USB cable. Video released earlier this week demonstrated a USB cable that can be plugged in no matter which way it is inserted into the power source. The inescapable fumbling when trying to plug in traditional phone chargers was overcome with Apple’s lighting port and charger. Now they hope to alleviate this same issue on the other end of the cable. Take a look at the video to see for yourself.

Video not displaying? Click here.

4. Storage Capacity

It seems that along with screen size, another thing that is continuing to grow as new phones are released is there storage capacity. Most flagship devices will offer one, or two, of three standard storage capacities – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. However, Apple is rumored to release it’s next flagship with the option of 128GB of internal storage. If this is true, and you really love storing movies and music, and really anything else on your phone, then this may be the phone for you. Even with expandable storage on other top-of-the-line devices, most do not reach 128GB.

5. Battery Size

Last, but not least, we arrive at the battery life of the device(s). Battery life is one of the most important factors that consumers consider when looking for their next phone. The iPhone 5s achieves a pretty average screen on time compared to most flagship devices, so with the increase in screen size, the new device(s) will need to have a bigger battery. Leaked information circling the web suggests that the 4.7 in iPhone 6 will have anywhere from a 1,810 mAh – a 2,100 mAh battery, while the larger, 5.5 in device could launch with a 2,915 mAh battery. Check out the image below from MacRumors.


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