Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus TV Campaign

By now you know what the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have to offer. No need to beat a dead horse (that’s just a saying, don’t come sue me PETA). But if you’re like many media consuming individuals who prefer not to watch live TV, maybe by way of Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO or other streaming services, you may not have caught all of Apple’s TV ads that have been running since the launch. These ads have all been centered around the message of “Bigger than bigger.” Apple understands that consumers may think they are just jumping on the bandwagon of large devices, so they want to iterate that the “iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger – it’s better in every way.”

Currently, Apple is running four TV spots to promote it’s flagship devices. All four in rotation feature a comedic tone, and utilize Apple’s classic white backdrop style to maintain focus on the product and it’s primary features. Oh, and did I mention Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake narrate the spots?

The first ad gives a general introduction to the two devices, briefly demonstrating their size comparison and capabilities, including photo editing, productivity, health monitoring, voice messaging and more.


The second of the series demonstrates Apple’s new Health Kit. Still using the two phones, the narrators compare their exercises and caloric intake – in a comedic manor, of course.


The next commercial in the campaign speaks to one of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ biggest unique selling points – the camera. Apple uses this spot to, again, demonstrate capabilities such as the 240fps slo-mo, editing, image stabilization and more.


Last, but not least, Apple used it’s final (so far) commercial to really drive home their “Bigger than bigger” campaign messaging. While Justin Timberlake is consumed with the size of the device, Jimmy Fallon suggests how the size can “change the way we view the world.”


While I’m a fan of Apple’s classic look in their new ads, something inside of me kind of wishes they would have kept the live action, lifestyle ads coming. Recent campaigns such as the Verse iPad ads, and the Powerful iPhone 5s ads, have really given Apple’s brand a little more personality, and shown consumers what their new Apple device will help them accomplish. In addition to that, it helps iPhone users realize the potential of their current device, and helps establish a deeper connection (no, not like the guy in the movie Her) to their technology.

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– A.J.

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