Evernote Conference 2014 (EC4) Highlights

If you were unable to tune into the live stream yesterday, Evernote hosted the first part of its annual conference in San Francisco. At the event, CEO Phil Libin among others, spoke of new developments to the Evernote suite of tools and products. Here are a few of the highlights from day one.

Early in the keynote, Libin mentioned last year’s announcement of Evernote Marketplace, which offers various branded supplies such as custom Moleskine notebooks and even an Evernote desktop scanner. After joking about how his company wasn’t sure how successful the marketplace would be before launch, Libin announced that the Marketplace has brought in over $12 Million in product sales since launch.

Some of the more impressive new features released included Context and Work Chat. Context lends a hand to users who are creating notes in Evernote by offering up relevant content. This may be from notes already inside of their account, notes created by coworkers in a business account, or even info from leading sources such as The Wall Street Journal. In addition to offering up the content, Context will also give you the ability to auto-cite any content you pull from a source.

Work Chat functions similar to that of the Google Drive tools by introducing the ability to chat in real time with collaborators of a single document.

Evernote has also revitalized their web client, cleaning up the user interface to make it easier for users to create content. The new web client is available now as long as you agree to be a part of the Beta when prompted.


The Evernote Conference continues today with the keynote taking place at 1 p.m. EST (10 a.m. PST). Speakers will include: Phil Libins – CEO, Evernote, Jeff Zwerner – VP Branded Products, Evernote,  Eric Pfeiffer – Principal, Pfeiffer Lab, and Reid Hoffman – Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, LinkedIn.

You can tune in live to today’s keynote here.

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