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OS X Yosemite Revisited

Early this summer, Apple unveiled the latest iteration to their desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite. During the Keynote presentation, Tim Cook and others gave us a look at some of the key features that would be available to consumers later in the year. Well, later in the year has now come. According to MacRumors.com, OS X Yosemite is now in it’s second Gold Master Beta, indicating that its final release is imminent. Four months have passed since the unveiling, so to help you remember why you were so excited about getting your hands on Yosemite, here’s a list of a few major features you can expect to see.

1. New Look

Yosemite looks to continue the trend of creating  a more flat, unified and consistent design. Apple’s system app icons are getting a facelift, and OS X will now adopt some of the translucency effects seen in iOS. With the addition of translucency, “Your windows take on the personality of your desktop,” as stated by Craig Federighi at Apple’s WWDC conference earlier this year.

2. Continuity

It seems that one of Apple’s primary goals is to bring the mobile and desktop experiences full circle. One of the major benefits to all of your devices being Apple, is that they are all seamlessly connected. Apple is working to build on this benefit with the release of Yosemite.

As answer to the cries of Apple fans all over, Yosemite will now allow for Airdrop to work between iOS devices and OS X. This will prove particularly useful in work environments or in any scenario in which one or more of the devices you are using aren’t connected to your iCloud account. Now, instead of emailing screenshots or other files so you can use them on your computer, you can now transfer them over AirDrop.

New to Yosemite, Handoff will allow for you to pick up on tasks on your desktop that you started on your iPhone or iPad If you’ve started an email on your phone, but decided you’d rather type it on your laptop, you can seamlessly transition by opening your computer and clicking the prompt shown by the dock – immediately picking up where you left off.

Handoff on OS X Yosemite - HOOKD.in

3. Notification Center Upgrades

Another area where you will see striking similarities between your iOS and OS X devices is in the new notification center. Like with the recent updates in iOS, Yosemite’s notification center picks up a new “Today” tab. This gives you a quick look at what your day holds, and offers the ability to add widgets downloaded from the app store.

4. Updated Spotlight Search

If you’re anything like me, you use the Spotlight search many times throughout the day. Whether it’s to find files, or launch an app, Spotlight search proves handy quite often. With Yosemite’s release, Spotlight search will become even more useful. Directly from Spotlight, you can find content from across the web, including sites such as Bing and Yelp. As demonstrated at WWDC, if you are looking for a place to eat, you can find places nearby, access maps, read reviews and view pictures, all for a particular restaurant.

5. iCloud Drive

Finally, Apple has created a method to sync ALL of your files across your many devices. In line with the other Continuity features of OS X Yosemite, iCloud Drive brings a functionality nearly identical to Google Drive, allowing you to sync all of your files across multiple devices automatically. Apple was even kind enough to throw in support for Windows computers.

iCloud in OS X Yosemite - HOOKD.in

If you haven’t already heard, Apple is hosting another event on October 16th. At this event, it is expected that the final version of Yosemite will be unveiled and released to the public soon after. Can’t wait that long to get your hands on it? Become a part of their Beta testing program here. This is only available to the first 1 Million users to sign up, but considering I just tried it, and it worked, you should be good to get it as well.

What are your thoughts on Yosemite? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on it? Leave a comment below or connect on Twitter – @HOOKDin.

– A.J.


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