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Wunderlist 3 In-Depth Review

Keeping track of to-dos and remaining productive in personal and professional life can be a chore. Trying to remember things, making lists, setting reminders… it can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily in this beautiful age of efficiency, their are seemingly countless numbers of web, desktop and mobile apps designed to help you get stuff done. One of these apps has been increasingly growing in popularity – Wunderlist. I’ve spent some quality time with the latest iteration of the software, so keep reading after the break for my in-depth review.


Wunderlist offers a simple method of organizing your to-dos with tasks and lists. For basic functionality, you can simply add tasks to a giant list and check them off whenever you get around to completing them. However, if you’d like to get a little more organized, Wunderlist offers the ability to group your tasks into lists. By default, you’ll have three lists: Inbox, This Week and Today. If you’re using Wunderlist to house all of your random to-dos, you can insert your tasks into the Inbox list, and then based on the due date you set for each task, they will be organized into the respective lists.

For power users of the app, you can create your own lists, helping you to further organize your tasks. For example, in a work setting, you can easily separate tasks for projects into their own lists, giving you a quick look of what you’ve got to accomplish for each project. As with tasks placed in your inbox, these will also show up in the Today and This Week lists depending on the due date you set. This is also a great way to use the app for both professional and personal life under the same account.

When it comes to organization, Wunderlist has it pretty much perfect. One thing I would like like to see is the ability to assign a task to multiple user generated lists.


Now that you’ve got your tasks assigned to different lists, you can get into the details. Inside of each task you will find the ability to assign due dates, reminders, sub tasks, notes, comments and attachments. You may be thinking – “comments?” We’ll get to that in a second. Wunderlist’s management ability is about as basic as it gets, but for most, this will be plenty. Adding notes and sub-tasks for each task is a great way to increase productivity, but I did find myself wanting more.

For example: When trying to manage a video project at work, I would create a “Video Project” list. From there I would create tasks such as “Finish voiceover.” Inside of that task, my sub-tasks would include “schedule talent, book recording room, script approval, etc.” In scenarios such as this, it would have been great to have the option of setting due dates and reminders for individual sub-tasks.

Now, as I’ve mentioned previously, for most, the available management tools will be plenty, but for power users such as myself, it could have been a little more robust. As for the comments, notes and attachment capabilities, I have no complaint. In previous versions of Wunderlist, comments were limited to a certain number per user per day, but that has changed to unlimited with the newest release. As with most free versions of task management software, the attachment size is limited, in this case, to 5MB. By upgrading your account to Pro ($4.99/month or $49.99/year) you can attach any size file.

Wunderlist Review HOOKD.in


One of the most important features of a task management software for power users is the ability to collaborate with a team. Wunderlist covers this base with the ability to share your lists with members of your team. Better yet, if you are a project manager, you can assign tasks to different users and keep tabs on what they’ve completed. Remember when I said we’d get to the comments later? This is where they come into play. Leaving comments inside of tasks allows for conversation between teammates to keep things moving. With the integrated notifications, users of the same lists will receive notifications whenever comments are made, and when tasks are added/completed.

New in the latest release of the software, users can create public lists. If you’re the sort of person who likes to share with the world, you can create lists such as “Best Superhero Movies,” or “Must-see Spots in Yosemite National Park.” One thing that Wunderlist seems to be missing, is the ability to tag specific users in comments. Instead off all members who are attached to a task/list receiving a notification, it would be nice to be able to tag individual users. This definitely isn’t a deal breaker.

OSX Yosemite Optimized

Speaking of Yosemite – Wunderlist is one of the first apps to be optimized for Apple’s latest OS. If you are running Yosemite, you have probably become familiar with the Today view. If you’re a fan of the Today view, well, you’re in luck. Wunderlist offers an integrated widget that gives you a quick peek at what tasks are due on that day.

In addition to the Today view integration, as well as visual and performance enhancements, Wunderlist also has full support for Handoff. Start creating a list on your iPhone, and quickly transition to your iPad or Mac, picking up right where you left off.

Cross-platform Sync

As with most other task management softwares, Wunderlist isn’t just available for one device. In fact, Wunderlist is available for pretty much all devices. This is one of the areas where I have to give the app a lot of credit. The team at 6Wunderkinder has provided a seamless experience across all devices, bringing a familiar interface to every device. Very well done.

Well, that about sums it up. Overall, I’m a huge fan of Wunderlist. I’d have absolutely no problem recommending it to someone. As a power user, and someone that uses the app for work on a regular basis, there are a few areas where I was left wanting more, but Wunderlist is truly a well rounded task management software for the average user. If you’re interested in downloading to see for yourself, use the links below, or visit Wunderlist.com.

Apple DownloadAndroid Download

I hope you all enjoyed this extremely long, in-depth review. If so, feel free to share with your friends. Also, subscribe and follow HOOKD.in on Twitter and Google+ to stay up to date.

– A.J.


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