Locket App Review

Do you ever wish you could do more with your phone’s lock screen? With Locket, a lock screen news feed app for Android, you can now get a little more functionality out of it. Locket is a lock screen app that allows you to find news articles of your interest as soon as you light up the screen of your device.

Upon installing the app, you are prompted with the ability to select your particular interests. If you’ve used Flipboard, this is a very familiar process. You can choose from 13 broad categories, and after that, you’re all set. The next time the screen is turned on, you’ll be greeted with a full screen cover photo of a story that fits into one of the categories that you’ve selected. One thing that I’ve noticed is that there can be some lag between the time you hit the button to power on the screen and when the app actually kicks in.

Locket App Review HOOKD.in

Not interested in the story that you’re given? Locket’s swipe functionality allows you to flip through from left to right to find a story that you want to read. This is a surprisingly smooth experience, and paying close attention to the animation of the screen when sliding between articles, it seems as though there is a parallax effect. It’s very subtle and clean, and I like it.

From the lock screen, you have the options to unlock, read, share, save and access the device camera. One downfall here is that if you need to have some sort of security on your device such as a pin or password, you’ll have to essentially go through two lock screens. There are no integrated security features to replace that of your device.

The sharing function works fairly well from the lock screen, but how would you know that you want to share the article if you haven’t yet read it? Opening the story from the lock screen brings you into Locket’s own “browser” which also allows you to share. Here you are given more options as to where you wish to share, and hey, now that you’ve read the story, it makes a little more sense to want to share it.

Overall, I think Locket is a very simple, easy and clean app if you’re looking to add a little more customization and functionality to your device. I spent some time with the app, but have to admit that after a while, I decided to take it off my lock screen for the simple fact of the little lag I mentioned before, and because there was a random photo on my phone every time I cut it on. I found this to be a little startling at times and it also distracted me from my initial task when picking up the phone.

Locket is available for Android devices only, and can be found by clicking the button below.





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– A.J


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