Wieden + Kennedy Keeps the Spirit of The Dodge Brothers Alive

At some point you’ve got to move on from the monotonous and cliche, car driving down a curvy road with a beautiful view car commercial, and onto something more exciting and impactful. Well, Wieden + Kennedy hit that nail on the head with their recent “Dodge Brothers” campaign.

Wieden and Kennedy Dodge Commercial


One thing overseas car companies can’t sell is American heritage. But Dodge, on the other hand most certainly can. The new “Dodge Brothers” campaign tells the story of John and Horace Dodge – how they left Ford Motor Company with big dreams and the belief that “driving is a holy endeavor” – and gives viewers a cinematic look at the passion and drive (no pun intended) the brothers had.

The campaign also tells the story of their competitive nature, especially towards one another. In the video “John vs. Horace,” we see the two racing down a road, and with each pass comes a new generation of cars, showcasing the legacy of the the Dodge lineup and the power that these vehicles have.

At the end of it all, what get’s me excited about this campaign from Wieden + Kennedy is the fact that they are showing Dodge’s heritage and what they have stood for from the beginning. Not only that, but they show, as the campaign states, that “Their Spirit Lives On.”

Take a look at a few more of the spots below.

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