New Apple Macbook - Worth It? |

New Apple Macbook – Worth it?

Anyone who follows tech news knows all about the new Apple MacBook by now, and likely has an opinion about it. Since you know what the new MacBook is all about already, I think it’s important now to take a look at who would potentially benefit from this device. No matter what your opinion is on the new MacBook, Apple is a Trillion dollar company (literally) filled with tons of brilliant minds, and they wouldn’t put out a product if they didn’t think people would be interested in it, and spend money on it. Period.

Apple’s new machine is by no means a workhorse. It may be possible, but realistically, you won’t be doing any heavy photo editing, video editing, crazy multitasking, etc. with this slim little guy. So if it’s not good for prosumers, who is it good for? Think along the lines of college students, tech-savvy older adults (not generalizing here, just an observation,) maybe even high school students these days. Basically anyone who doesn’t need to install software and do a lot of production based work.

This machine could be great for students who need to take notes in class. It’s lightweight, it’s portable, and hey, you gotta admit it looks pretty cool. It could be a good machine for the older, savvier adult who only needs a computer to access the internet, pay bills, support a hobby and things of that nature. But, like many are pointing out, the new Apple MacBook isn’t perfect. The lack of ports and the price tag alone are reasons to look for other options. Fortunately, if you’re ok with sacrificing that ultimate “thinness” and shiny (not backlit) Apple logo, you have other options.

New Apple Macbook - Worth It? |

Google Chromebook Pixel 2 – Image Credit

One step away from Apple’s new Macbook, and still pretty awesome in my opinion, is the brand new Google Chromebook Pixel. The new Chromebook Pixel also offers a slim, premium build quality, and includes that nifty little USB-C connector. Although Google’s new device will only allow you to access web programs such as the Google Drive Suite of tools, it packs in similar specs at a much lower price of only $999 ($300 less than the MacBook.) Other unique features included in the Pixel are a 239 PPI touchscreen display and voice activation with Google Now (OK, Google.) If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, you can splurge a little on the more expensive and spec’d out version of Google’s Pixel. For $1299 (the same as the MacBook) you can get an Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM. I have to say – unless you need 15-20 tabs open in Google Chrome, there is no need for that amount of power on a Chromebook.

With all that said, Google’s new Chromebook Pixel is the most premium Chromebook of them all. If you are looking to save a little cash and a Chromebook sounds interesting to you, there are plenty of options out there for well under $500. Bottom line, if you are part of the demographic that I believe Apple is targeting with the new MacBook, consider your options before taking the dive.

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