10 Free, but Awesome Android Icon Packs (Part 1)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love Android. I don’t hate Apple, but I love Android and though it’s for many reasons, one huge reason is customization. If you get bored of your device (which tends to happen to me) just change it up! Install a new launcher, throw on an icon pack, switch out the font, and bam! You have a new (feeling) device! If you want to get a little more crazy, you have the option to root, and from there, the possibilities are endless. But for now, I just wanted to highlight (in no particular order of rank) some of the icon packs that I’ve run across in a quest to freshen up my device – and by the way, they’re all free! Below are the first five of ten icon packs. I’ll be posting the second half later so the post isn’t so long!

1. Gel

If you’re looking to really stray away from the OEM look, maybe try out an icon pack that offers a super-clean, minimalistic look with solid white icons. I like this one particularly because the opaque background helps the icons stand out on almost all backgrounds.

2. Zolo

Flat is the new black. Flat + circles = “whew, that’s good looking”. The Zolo icon pack will give your device some character with the vivid colors and included 450 “cloud-based” wallpapers!

3. Moonshine

With the rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop, there has been a huge craze over the term “Material Design”. If you’re now hooked on this flat, layered, animated design language and are looking for something to compliment this look across all of your Android icons, Moonshine might be for you. This icon pack offers a Google-esque styling for your non Google apps. And again, more free wallpapers!

4. Long Shadow

Long Shadow, the pack that happens to be installed on my LG G3 currently, offers another design trend for your icons. The shadows stemming from the center of the icon creates a sense of depth and gives pretty much the opposite effect of a flat icon. Paired with a minimal background, this pack has made my screen a little more interesting to look at.

5. Numix Circle

If you’re a fan of Zolo, you may like Numix as well. Very similar to Zolo at first glance, Numix gives the circle design a little less of a cartoony look, but maintains a flat, minimalistic feel. There’s something about circle icons that catch my eye and seem to bring a little more life to the phone.

Well there you have it – the first five of ten of my favorite, free icon packs. If you’re interested in seeing the second, make sure you subscribe so that you are instantly notified via email when the post goes live! You can also follow and stay up to date with HOOKD.in on twitter – @HOOKD.in!

All images courtesy of Google Play store in respective app pages.

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