How to Use Facebook and Twitter for Business (without losing the personal touch) |

How to Use Facebook and Twitter for Business (without losing the personal touch)

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Creating a social media presence for your business is a great way to engage customers and ultimately increase profit. But if that’s all you have in mind when running your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’re going to come across as a spammy, robotic business.

Part of what makes your business great is YOU. The owner. The go-getter. The one who makes things happen. Yeah, Facebook and Twitter will be used for promoting your work, but that shouldn’t be the only goal. With every post, keep your own interests in mind. If you love the outdoors, post an image of your last hike or bike ride. If you love to cook, post a new recipe you’ve found. It doesn’t matter if some of your social media profile is unrelated to your business. As long as it relates to you, it’s relevant.

On the other hand, do make the majority of your social media posts about your industry. Consider posting relevant articles from other businesses or people. Facts, quotes, or memes are easily shared and show readers that you’re not just business-minded. Images and videos are a great way to get people interested. Ask your followers a question. Engage. The wonderful thing about social media is that it’s not a one-way conversation. Your followers should feel comfortable responding to you and your posts.

There are so many businesses out there with social media profiles. Businesses are constantly posting, tweeting, pinning, and sharing. The information is overwhelming for any consumer. Instead of choosing the brand with lowest cost or best quality, people are more likely to pick the brand that is personable – the one that they just like. So the more you present your business as a like-able, personable, living thing, the more people will respond to what you do – and the more sales you’ll make.

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