10 Free, but Awesome Android Icon Packs (Part 2)

So, as promised, here is the second installment for the 10 Free, but Awesome Android Icon Packs. Add these to your Android device to spice things up a bit and to give your phone a refresh.

6. Min

As you may have guessed, Min is a minimalistic Android icon pack that features solid white icons, but using only “the meat” of the icon. No circles, no squares, just icons.

7. Notro

Another, flat, circular icon pack (noticing a trend here?), Notro offers a clean, black & white design that will ad some contrast to your screen. Some people aren’t into so much color in their icons, so this is the pack for them.

8. Bleach

The Bleach Android icon pack brings a unique shape to your device as well as a sort of washed-out color scheme to some of your favorite icons. Like other icon packs, Bleach also comes with wallpapers to go along with your new icons – 20 of them to be exact.

9. Rondo

In the first list of five, we looked at the Long Shadow icon pack that features just that, a long shadow. Rondo takes up a similar design language, but makes use of circles as opposed to rectangles. I’m a huge fan of this one!

10. Voxel

If the long drop shadows in Rondo are something your in to, Voxel is made by the same developer but with square backgrounds. Both icon packs have a material design dashboard and offer up more beautiful backgrounds to match your icons.

So that wraps it! These 5 complete the list of 10 Free, but Awesome Android Icon Packs. What icon packs are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below so I can check them out! Be sure to subscribe for more articles, and follow on Twitter – @HOOKD.in!

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