Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds' last Chance |

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds’ LAST Chance

So.  It’s actually happening.

After a terrible appearance in XMen Origins: Wolverine, a relentless grassroots campaign led by Ryan Reynolds is finally bearing fruit…Deadpool has begun principle filming in Vancouver.  Reynolds has confirmed a firm R Rating and there are even actual set photos out there to prove that this isn’t some sort of geeky fever dream brought on by an overdose of Code Red and Taco Bell.

Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds' last Chance |



God help Ryan Reynolds if he screws this one up, because there’s only so many times one can try and fail to hit that A-list movie star stratosphere before the machine chews you up and spits you back to Law and Order guest spots and Redbox hell.

Reynolds is a likeable fellow and a lovely piece of Man, but I’ve never seen one actor given so many chances to break through without it either happening or being abandoned.  Its almost as if he’s the physical representation of the movie industry’s only child, shunted around to different jobs in his wealthy dad’s company without ever being fired.  He’s treated like a movie star, he just doesn’t work as a movie star.

His one unmitigated success was 2009’s forgettable romcom The Proposal–because apparently Hugh Grant and John Cusack were too busy–and he’s making a habit of sinking comic book franchises before they even get off the ground (see Green Lantern and RIPD).  Its been a long time since Van Wilder, buddy, and your track record stinks.

Look, Reynolds, we like you.  We want you to succeed almost as much as we want to hear Deadpool dropping F-bombs all over the place while gleefully eviscerating bad guys, but everyone reaches their limit at some point.  The Internet in all its loud and nerdy power is behind you now.

To quote Tom Hanks at the end of Saving Private Ryan:

Earn it.  *dies*