What's Google Up To Now? What You Need to Know About Project Fi. | HOOKD.in

What’s Google Up To Now? All You Need to Know About Project Fi

Is it just me, or does it seem like Google always has something up their sleeve?

This week (April 22nd) a press release from Google announced “A new way to say hello” with Project Fi. What is Project Fi, you ask? Project Fi is a new “service plan” in which Google is combining the best of both worlds when it comes to WiFi and cellular data. Starting as an exclusive to Nexus 6 owners, Project Fi will allow users to seamlessly transition between WiFi and cellular data while on the go, no user interaction required.

What's Google Up To Now? What You Need to Know About Project Fi. | HOOKD.inStill not sure about it? To kick off this new initiative, Google has partnered with two of the largest cellular providers in the country – Sprint and T-Mobile – to gain nationwide cellular coverage. WiFi is covered too. According the press release earlier this week, Google has identified, and verified, more than a million free wireless hotspots across the country. Don’t worry, these hotspots have been deemed fast and reliable by Google themselves, and your data is secured via encryption the second you are connected.

So what does this mean for you? Well, once you’re a Project Fi customer, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll (almost) always have a speedy connection on your mobile device. The goal here is to keep you connected and never out of touch. So whether you’re at a friends house, the mall, the gym, or wherever – you’re likely to have a good connection to keep scrolling away at Instagram and Twitter.

The real question is – what’s it going to cost you? Surprisingly, Project Fi’s rates are pretty competitive, especially when you consider what you’re getting. For the combination of two major players in the cellular industry, and a million free WiFi hotspots, you’ll be charged $20/month for basic calls and texts. Additionally, you’ll pay $10/month for each GB of data. Better yet, if you don’t use all of your data by the end of the billing cycle, you’ll receive a credit for amount unused. Lastly, there is no annual contract required.

If by this point you’re sold, and you want it, there is an invitation system on the Project Fi site that you can find here. Enter in your email address and you will be submitted to receive and invite. Don’t forget – you must have a Nexus 6 to be a part of the program. Google kindly reminds you that you ay purchase one once accepted into the program 😉

So, what do you think of Google’s latest shenanigans? Leave a comment below or connect on Twitter – @HOOKDin. Don’t forget to subscribe for more posts like this one!


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