Samsung Announces New 'Level On' and 'Level Link' |

Samsung Announces New ‘Level Link’ Audio Adapter and ‘Level On Wireless’ Headphones

Yesterday, April 28th, a press release from Samsung announced two new additions to it’s ‘Level’ audio gear lineup – ‘Level On Wireless’ and ‘Level Link’.

Samsung Announces New 'Level Link' Audio Adapter and 'Level On' Headphones


Samsung’s current ‘Level On‘ headphones, listed on their site for $169.99, tout an ultra-comfortable, on-ear design with exceptional sound quality.

The headphones also integrate with the user’s S-Voice controls if they have a Samsung mobile device and have a detachable cord with in-line audio controls. Fans of this particular set will be happy to know that Samsung has kept its same design, but now offers a fully-wireless option. The new ‘Level On Wireless’ headphones have integrated the audio controls by way of touch sensors on the unit itself, and also offer an Active Noise Cancellation function.

Samsung Announces New ‘Level Link’ Audio Adapter and ‘Level On’ Headphones


New to the ‘Level’ line of products, ‘Level Link’ offers users the ability turn traditional, non-bluetooth audio devices such as headphones, televisions, sound systems, car stereos, etc. into bluetooth capable devices. Simply plug the unit into the audio device and pair with a phone or Mp3 player. Better yet, ‘Level Link’ can be toggled between send and receive mode so you can achieve a completely wireless experience between two non-bluetooth devices. If you want to hear what your friend is hearing, ‘Level Link’ allows users to stream to multiple devices at once.

So far, there is no word on the pricing on these two new products, but they are anticipated to release in mid-May.

For more details on these two new additions to Samsung’s ‘Level’ lineup, view the full press release here. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow on Twitter (@HOOKDin) for more updates like these!

– A.J.

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