5 Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day | HOOKD.in

5 Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day (2015)

Mom’s are great. I mean, just think about it. All the things they went through, and put up with when raising you. Snotty noses, dirty diapers, the crying, the screaming. The list goes on and on. With only (less than) a week left until Mother’s Day, it’s time to get serious about your shopping list. For all the years they spent devoted to raising a child ( a.k.a., you), there’s only one day a year dedicated to them – so you better make your gift a good one! If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, check out the list below of tech gifts for Mom that she is sure to appreciate.

5 Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day | HOOKD.in

1. Fitness Tracker

Most Moms seem to never stop moving! They’re always running errands, keeping up with house, cooking, etc. so when do they have time to exercise? While that answer remains unknown, a fitness tracker will help your mom get an idea of the exercise she is getting during her daily routine. Fitness trackers range in brand and prices, but the great thing is that they don’t require much attention besides getting set up. Everyone likes to get a gift that they can play around with and use frequently, so a small, wearable fitness tracker like the FitBit Flex is perfect.

5 Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day | HOOKD.in

2. E-reader

Every mom is different, but personally, I know my mom likes to have something to read once the madness of the day has settled. E-reader technology has advanced over the past few years, and on some of these devices, you could swear you are looking at paper! Not only can these be used for relaxing in the evening, but they can also prove useful in motherly tasks such as cooking. Mom can pull up her favorite cookbook/recipe on her new e-reader and make something delicious just for you – yum!

5 Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day | HOOKD.in

3. Tech Kitchen Gear

I know what you’re thinking. “What kind of kitchen gear would you consider techy?” Well, once you see the Sansaire Sous Vide, you’ll be buying one for Mom… and probably one for yourself! Now, I’m sure your Mom is great at cooking whatever it is she cooks, but sous vide cooking will allow her to cook with temperature precision like never before. Simply place the food in a zip closed bag, submerge in a pot of water and let the Sansaire do the rest – no oven or stove required. Another idea for tech kitchen gear is the Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker. This bad boy connects to your smart phone via the WeMo mobile app and gives you full control over the slow cooker from anywhere you are. Now your Mom’s famous pot roast will be perfect no matter what.

5 Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day | HOOKD.in

4. Connected Devices

Briefly touched on in the previous section, connected devices were designed for one reason – to make life easier. Who better to give something like this to than the person who needs stuff to be “easier” (Mom)? Devices such as Amazon’s recently released Echo, will provide a little help around the house for your Mom. With Amazon Echo (available by invitation only), your Mom will be able to add things to her shopping list with nothing but her voice. If properly accessorized, Echo can even be used in conjunction with other smart devices to do things like switch lights on and off throughout the house. If you think this is a little too fancy for your Mom, how about something like a smart outlet? With so much going on in the life of a Mom, it can be easy to leave the house and forget to flip a switch. With Belkin’s home automation line, WeMo, your Mom can ensure she turned off her reading lamp when she gets to where she’s going and much more.

5 Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day | HOOKD.in

5. Chromebook

Mom’s everyday tasks don’t stop in the house. There are bills to pay, shopping to be done, and things to take care of. In the age of the internet, your Mom needs a reliable means of accessing the internet. While plenty of Moms now have smartphones or tablets, sometimes it’s nice to have the added screen real estate and speed of a computer. While some households will still have the traditional “family computer,” others may not. Now that availability has gone up, and prices have come down, consider treating you Mom to a nice surprise with a new Chromebook. Generally speaking, your Mom wont need any other capabilities of laptop besides internet related tasks, so this is the perfect, portable choice for her. Right now on BestBuy.com, you can pick one up for as low as $149.

Well, there you have it. Five tech gift ideas for your lovely mother. But, let’s be honest. All Moms really care about is seeing, or hearing from their children on Mother’s Day. You could go out and buy all the gifts on this list, but in reality, I’m sure your Mom would just as much appreciate a card with a nice note inside, a flower or 12, and some tasty chocolate. Whatever you do, just make sure Mom knows she’s loved!

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– A.J.

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