Meet Lily: The Autonomous Camera Drone |

Meet Lily: The Autonomous Camera Drone

For some people, drones are out of the question. They’re expensive, there’s a steep learning curve, and for most, they’re not practical. Unless you fall into the category of either hobbyist, or professional, it almost doesn’t make sense to own a drone. But, that doesn’t mean that tons of people don’t like the idea of drones, especially the photos and video footage they can produce. If you own a drone, but the footage you want to capture is of yourself (doing something amazing of course,) you’re pretty much out of luck unless you know someone else who can man the controls… until now.

Meet Lily: a fully-autonomous drone that will follow your every movement, capture all of the amazing things that you do, and keep a smile on the whole time. Snowboarding, hiking, sight-seeing, running and even kayaking can all be captured with Lily even if you’re out there all alone. How’s it work, you ask? Simply pair the Lily drone to the tracking device, toss it in the air, and begin recording. Lily’s detection system will follow the tracking device which can be carried in your bag, pocket, or in a waterproof bracelet case.

Lily’s pre-programmed modes include:

  • FOLLOW: The Lily drone will follow close behind and capture your every movement.
  • FLY UP: Lily will slowly increase altitude while keeping you in focus.
  • SLIDE: Lily follows at an angle from the side.
  • LEAD: Lily keeps a steady pace ahead of you to capture that pretty smile.
  • LOOP: Lily takes an epic panorama view while you stand in the center of it all.


Lily’s tracking and pre-programmed modes are impressive by themselves, but the camera isn’t too shabby either. With a 94º field of view, the camera can shoot 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 30 fps. The built-in image stabilization keeps your shots steady, and your photos will have nice detail with 12MP stills. Rated at IP67, Lily can be submerged in up to one meter of water while maintaining functionality, although the creators suggest you not operate the motors underwater. To maintain its underwater rating, Lily’s battery, which lasts 20 mins of flight time is not interchangeable. The creators of Lily also specify that the drone does not have obstacle avoidance in order to keep costs low, so you will need to make sure you’re flying in open airways.

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Other details:

  • Min tracking distance from user: 5 ft.
  • Max tracking distance from user: 100 ft.
  • Min altitude: 5 ft.
  • Max altitude: 50 ft.
  • Max speed 25mph.
  • Charge time to full: 2 hrs.
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs.
  • Video format: H. 264, .mp4 format

The Lily drone looks to be one sweet little device. Whereas with some of today’s most popular drones such as DJI’s phantom line, the Lily, once shipped will have no learning curve, and will be ready to capture your life’s amazing moments right out of the box – a huge selling point. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these, now’s the time to do so. Right now, until June 15th, you can pre-order Lily for $499. After that date, the price will steadily increase to the regular price of $999. So far, Lily is expected to ship in February of 2016.

What do you think about Lily? Let me know in the comments below or connect on Twitter – @HOOKDin. Also, be sure to subscribe for more posts like these!

– A.J.

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