Quick Tip: Change Your ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ Location in Google

If you use Google Now, you know that by enabling location services, you can automatically receive updates on weather, traffic and more based off of your home, work and frequently visited locations. But, what happens if you move or get a new job? Google Now won’t be as accurate in its information, continuing to give info based on the old address. Don’t worry – you can easily change your ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ location in Google by following these steps. See below for screenshots.

1. Open Google Now or the Google Search App and select the hamburger menu located in the search bar.
2. Choose ‘Customize’ in the expanded menu.
3. On the next page, scroll down and tap ‘Places’.
4. Select the ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ address you wish to change.
5. Enter your new address – voila!

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– A.J.

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