Weekly App Review #4: True Skate | HOOKD.in

Weekly App Review #4: True Skate

In last week’s app review, I mentioned how smartphones have primarily become time wasters killers. Many of the spare seconds we have are spent scrolling through Facebook, browsing Twitter, and of course, playing games. I personally am a gamer at heart, so to no surprise, most of my smartphone time killing comes in the form of games. Well, I’ve found a new game that has proven to be quite good at helping me kill time, and also happens to be pretty awesome – True Skate.

In my earlier years I was the quintessential skater. I had long flowing locks of (red) hair, wore tattered and torn jeans, flopped around in loosely-laced DCs, and normally sported a bandage on some part of my body. Now that I’ve gotten a little older, my board collects dust in the closet – but, I still have it! The skater spirit has never gotten far from me. So after stumbling across this skating game for Android that actually works as promised, I’m pretty stoked.

True Skate, from True Axis, is the official mobile game of Street League Skateboarding, and is a realistic simulation that lets you live out your dreams as pro skater. It’s flick physics allow you to manipulate the board’s movements in the air, shooting over gaps, and sliding on ledges and rails. The game comes packed with a few cool features,  including the ability to playback the last few tricks you performed. You can also record your clips, store them to watch later and share with other players and your Twitter followers. Additionally, the slow-mo feature (which you have to purchase separately) allows you to nail tricks perfectly.

Compared to similar skate games, True Skate is by far my favorite. The graphics are smooth and detailed and I’ve not experienced a single hiccup or frame drop during gameplay. There’s also great opportunity for expandability. Users can download new, individual skate parks for $0.99, or 6-packs for $4.99. More than just that, deck and wheel customization can be purchased.

So, if you’re looking for a good way to kill a few minutes (or in my case, like 15,) you should definitely skate on over to the Google Play store for a download ($0.99).

Do you already play True Skate or have a game you prefer instead? Let me know in the comments below or connect on Twitter – @HOOKDin! Also be sure to subscribe to be the first to receive next week’s weekly app review!

– A.J.

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