Ad Spotlight #4: WhiteSquad Pushes it Uncomfortably, but Wonderfully Far |

Ad Spotlight #2: Pushes it Uncomfortably, but Wonderfully Far

“Is your skin color holding you back?”

Never have my ears perked and head raised so quickly to pay attention to my T.V. screen as when I heard those words, and that of the commercial that followed.

“White Squad is a team of carefully selected white representatives who act on behalf of people of color. We’re your stand-ins for life’s racially unbalanced situations.”

At first I couldn’t decide if this was a real commercial or some kind of skit from a crew similar to or Friends of the People. The idea of hiring a “white representative” to hail a cab, get a better apartment, or stand in for you at court, couldn’t be possible, right? That couldn’t be a real thing. But, the more the commercial goes on, the more believable it gets. The acting is mediocre and sarcastic, but never over the top. The production is top notch. The logo is professionally designed and the format is well thought out.

Needless to say, my eyes and ears stayed glued to the picture box hanging on the wall until the end of the spot, still waiting for the punchline reveal. When I didn’t get that, I immediately turned to my phone to follow the CTA to the White Squad website. Much to my disappointment, the site was down, which I can only assume was a result of a mass influx of curious viewers such as myself – or maybe my internet just wasn’t cooperating.

Ad Spotlight #4: WhiteSquad Pushes it Uncomfortably, but Wonderfully Far | HOOKD.inAfter finally connecting to the WhiteSquad website (on my laptop,) the professionally produced facade continued with a smooth and fully built out experience including a ‘Services,’ ‘How it Works,’ ‘Our Team’ and ‘FAQ’ page. After browsing around the site, the secret is finally revealed when you try to actually request a service. An animation ensues, taking over the screen and revealing “White privilege is real. White Squad is fiction.”

Brought to you as part of MTV’s Look Different campaign, White Squad is an (effective) effort to bring more awareness to prejudice in our day-to-day lives. This ad in particular is a satirical stab at white privilege, and whether you agree or disagree with the campaign and the commercial’s approach, this ad is sure to get people to pay attention at least until the end of the spot. As can be expected, Mashable points out in their review that responses to the ad via social media have varied widely.

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– A.J.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus TV Campaign

By now you know what the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have to offer. No need to beat a dead horse (that’s just a saying, don’t come sue me PETA). But if you’re like many media consuming individuals who prefer not to watch live TV, maybe by way of Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO or other streaming services, you may not have caught all of Apple’s TV ads that have been running since the launch. These ads have all been centered around the message of “Bigger than bigger.” Apple understands that consumers may think they are just jumping on the bandwagon of large devices, so they want to iterate that the “iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger – it’s better in every way.”

Currently, Apple is running four TV spots to promote it’s flagship devices. All four in rotation feature a comedic tone, and utilize Apple’s classic white backdrop style to maintain focus on the product and it’s primary features. Oh, and did I mention Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake narrate the spots?

The first ad gives a general introduction to the two devices, briefly demonstrating their size comparison and capabilities, including photo editing, productivity, health monitoring, voice messaging and more.

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